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Here you will find upcoming scheduled workshops and photography seminars. A DSLR is required for these workshops, and a sturdy tripod will become your best friend.


Spring 2018 - Vernon, BC

Two instructional workshops covering camera essentials and long exposures. Join Darren as you learn the fundamental concepts behind creating compelling landscape imagery. Material will include field instruction tailored to the needs of individual participants.

Foundational Photography (Beginner/Intermediate)

Saturday, May 5 (10AM-2PM)

Join me for this informative “Camera Basics” session aimed at improving your knowledge of photography! This seminar-style workshop is the perfect starting point for beginner photography enthusiasts. Concepts covered include essential gear, camera modes, exposure, lighting, focus and more! By the end of this four hour session, participants will understand how to properly control their cameras and execute their creative vision.

Long Exposures (Intermediate)

Saturday, June 16 (4PM-8PM)

This intermediate workshop will put foundational concepts into practice with a focus on long exposures. Long exposures can render some of the most dramatic imagery there is; from flowing water to moving clouds and even creative panning techniques. The use of filters and creative exposure control will be the focus of this workshop.

Cost - $75.00 plus GST for each workshop. Call 250-253-5665 or email to book.


Dates to be determined

Who doesn't love shooting water? Waterfalls, rivers and streams provide endless opportunity for creative imagery. Concepts covered include lighting for water, exposure, contrast control, composition, focus, using filters and creative concepts. Maximum of 8 participants.

Cost: $75 per person (plus GST), Camera Basics knowledge required.


Dates to be determined

You now have the knowledge required to properly execute your vision and to capture an image in all camera modes. How do we finalize the image? Join me for this classroom session (3 hrs) aimed at improving your knowledge of work flow and outputting the final image ! Photoshop will be the platform we use as you see first hand how to bring your image to life! Concepts covered include file types, shooting in RAW, image editing, creative tools, logical work flow, and final output.

Cost: $75 per person (plus GST), Camera Basics knowledge required.

* Workshop times and locations subject to change.


Unless otherwise agreed to, in order to secure your space in any workshop, a minimum 50% non-refundable deposit must be received no less than ten (10) days prior to the workshop date. The balance would be due before the workshop commences.

  • Palm Beach - Powell River
  • Sweetwater Creek, Powell River, BC
  • Mountain meadow in Purcell Mountains, near Golden, BC
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